Rizzle Kicks' Jordan Stephens once kicked Jude Law's son's ''arse'' on a computer game.

The 21-year-old rapper jokingly mocked 10-year-old Rudy after beating him at 'FIFA' - a soccer video game - but was amazed at just how mature the youngster was.

He said: ''I went to dinner with Nick Grimshaw and ended up at Sadie Frost's house, and Jude Law's son was there.

''He asked me if I played 'FIFA', I said, 'Yeah, I'll kick you're a**e!' 'No you won't,' he said. 'I'll kick you're a**e!'

''And I beat him. But only 2-0. The worst part of it all is the kid can only be about 10 and I was crowing to him but he was so cool about it, telling me about all the great stuff that I'd done.

''If I was that age I'd have cried. Jude Law's son is already a better man than me. You're not supposed to have that maturity at that age. Little f***er.''

While Jordan loves playing the soccer game when he has nothing better to do, he is equally as excited about testing his skills on upcoming action title 'Grand Theft Auto V'.

He added to Nuts magazine: ''I can't wait to get 'GTA 5' - that's going to ruin my life.''