Rixton singer Jake Roche struggled with anger issues as a child and had to get ''professional help'' so he could process his emotions in a calm way, his mother Coleen Nolan has revealed.

The 53-year-old TV presenter has revealed that she and Jake's stepdad, her estranged husband Ray Fensome, struggled to deal with Jake's unruly behaviour when he was just eight years old.

However, rather than wait to see what would happen with Jake, who is now 25, the former couple made the decision to get him help so he could change the pattern of his behaviour before becoming an unruly teenager.

During a discussion about out-of-control youths on Monday's episode of 'Loose Women', Coleen shared: ''I think a lot of people wait until their kids are in their teenage years until they're in that rebellious stage to do something but you notice long before that your kids are having these tantrums or getting a bit aggressive, at seven or eight even. We did it with Jake because he just couldn't control his anger when he was younger and I remember Ray saying to me, 'Look if we don't nip this in the bud now at eight or nine then by the time he's 15 he'll be be hurting us.' Like, he'll be six foot and will be hurting one of us. So we did, we took control of it and got him professional help for it and found out if he a problem and how we could deal with it as a family.''

Coleen insists that Jake - whose dad is actor-and-singer Shane Richie - was able to work through his issues fairly easily and then became the ''loveliest boy''.

She added: ''From then on he was the loveliest boy. He had to know there were consequences.''

The Nolans star also has 29-year-old son Shane Jr. from her relationship with the 'EastEnders' star and daughter Ciara, 16, with musician Ray and she has revealed her top parenting technique for disciplining them was always to tell them she was ''disappointed'' by their bad behaviour.

She said: ''My kids would hate this the most. They would hate it if they came home and had done something wrong and I'd say, 'I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed.' ''