Actress Rita Wilson and lesbian comedienne/chat show host Ellen Degeneres were once paired up as good-time girls in an audition for adult comedy CASUAL SEX. The odd couple, who are now firm friends, met as they waited for the test, and DeGeneres had to pretend she was boy-hungry throughout the audition. Wilson reminded her pal of their first encounter when she guested on her daytime show on Wednesday (10Oct07). She recalled, "We were paired up as the girls who were gonna go on vacation and find cool guys and, of course, we didn't get the parts... but we had so much fun doing it." DeGeneres quipped, "They (casting directors) probably were like, 'That Rita's good but I don't buy it for the other girl. She's not believable at all.'" The roles in the 1988 film eventually went to Victoria Jackson and Back To The Future star Lea Thompson.