Rita Wilson and Hilary Duff were so convincing acting an emotional scene in their new movie THE HEART OF SUMMER - they almost left their co-stars in tears too.

Wilson and Duff play mother and daughter in the upcoming film, and JASON RITTER - son of late actor JOHN RITTER - admits it was hard watching the pair in action as the cameras were rolling.

He explains, "I play Hilary older brother, who believes in her as a singer and makes her apply to this music school. Then he gets into a horrible accident, and his death inspires her to follow her dream.

"It was really bizarre to see all these people looking at pictures of me and crying. Hilary and Rita Wilson, who plays my mom, were really sobbing - and it wasn't like movie crying. It was hard. I wanted to say, 'I'm right here - I'm okay. I'm alive.'"

Ritter predicts that when the film is released at the end of the year (04) "there are going to be some heartstrings touched".

19/03/2004 17:54