Actress Rita Wilson has paid tribute to Sherwood Schwartz following his death this week (beg11Jul11), thanking the TV mogul for kickstarting her career.
The star died of natural causes on Tuesday (12Jul11), at the age of 94, and Wilson has been quick to salute Schwartz.
One of her first roles in Hollywood was as an extra on Schwartz's sitcom The Brady Bunch, and she'll be forever thankful for the 1972 appearance as it helped her become a member of the Screen Actors Guild union.
In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "Sherwood Schwartz cast me in The Brady Bunch ('Pat Conway') which got me (a) Screen Actors Guild card. Thank you, Sherwood and Lloyd, his son.
"I played a cheerleader on Brady Bunch and Greg had to choose between Marcia and his GF (girlfriend), so chose Pat Conway (me) and his GF broke up w/him (with him)."