Rita Ora has been secretly writing a script for a film.

The 'RIP' hitmaker - who portrays Mia Grey in the 'Fifty Shades...' franchise - has been working on a movie project in her spare time, and dreams of not only writing and producing a tale for the big screen, but also writing and recording the soundtrack.

Speaking to Becca Dudley for an episode of 'MTV ASKS Rita Ora', which airs today (04.07.17) at 10pm on MTV Music UK, she said: ''I'd love to do a film. I've been writing one like secretly.

''It's really early, early days obviously so my dream is to one day co-produce, co-write, do the soundtrack and just do something behind the scenes.''

Rita's grandfather, Besim Sahatciu, was a Kosovo Albanian screenwriter and director of theatre, film and TV and, before his death in 2005, his granddaughter says he wanted her to work in the movie industry.

She said: ''My grandfather was so awesome. He used to make factual movies and I remember because when he passed away he was like 'All I ever wanted you to do was do movies'.

''And now I'm doing them, it's so cute. So I know he's watching.''

Back in 2013, Ora got her first taste of starring in movies in 'Fast & Furious 6' and her cameo role capped off a ''great year'' for her.

Speaking at the time, she said: ''They needed a head girl for the girl drivers of London town... They asked me 'would you mind being the leader of the pack in London?'

''I was like Of course I'd love to'. And I think it summed up a great year for me, life kind of changed so I did feel like a cool little leader when I was playing that role.''