Rita Ora says she will ''never'' quit singing for acting.

The 'How We Do (Party)' hitmaker recently filmed scenes for her role in the upcoming blockbuster 'Fifty Shades of Grey', but she has no intention of completing a permanent switch to Hollywood.

She told Ahlan!: ''Singing is where it all began for me. I love it and without doing that first I would never have managed to get anything else.

''I enjoy everything I do, but in five years time I will still be singing, that I promise you. I will never stop singing.''

As well as her role in the erotic thriller, she has also appeared in the likes of 'Fast & Furious 6'.

The multi-talented star recently revealed she was ''homeless'' after leaving her flat due to her neighbours getting annoyed when she started to record her upcoming second album there.

She said: ''Do you want to know something funny? I'm actually homeless right now.

''I had to leave my flat because the neighbours didn't like me that much. I'd been recording my album there, which is not a really good idea. Long story short, I now live in my sister's flat.''