Rita Ora has to ''trick'' herself into exercising.

The 26-year-old singer has hinted she struggles to be active and has to find ways of working out, which makes her forget she is keeping fit and leads her to believe she is just having fun with her friends by dancing or hiking with her pals.

Speaking about her fitness regime to Women's Health magazine, the 'Black Widow' hitmaker said: ''I love Barrecore and I love Pilates but have to trick myself into most exercise. Dancing and hiking with my friends are things that I do a lot.''

And the powerhouse - who is the face of the lingerie brand Tezenis - has revealed her ''crazy schedule'' encourages her to have a healthy lifestyle and guzzle ''four litres'' of water every day.

She explained: ''And because of my crazy schedule I drink about four litres of water a day. It keeps me awake if nothing else, because I don't drink coffee.''

And the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actress - who played the role of Mia Grey in the 2015 erotic drama film - has revealed she isn't body confident and has ''never'' credited herself with having the ''perfect body''.

She said: ''Am I body confident? No. Have I always felt that way, no. I didn't feel great about myself today in fact. I've never looked at myself as being the perfect size or having the perfect body. As females there's always something we don't like about our bodies. It's a normal thing.

''If I could do a parade down Oxford Street naked with all of my girls that aren't typical models, I would. Because I want to see girls who aren't a size zero in my underwear. I see them tagging me on the Internet and it feels great.

''The more you stick together the more you create power. It's so important for me. It breaks my heart to think that some people don't leave the house because of how they look.''