Rita Ora still has to ''blitz the kitchen every once in a while'', according to her mum Vera.

The 55-year-old psychiatrist has a close relationship with all her children - Rita, 29, Elena, 30, and 21-year-old Don - and although her eldest child is in the public eye, there are ''no prima donnas'' in their family and she often relays to her daughter that she is no ''better than anyone else''.

Vera told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''We share a close relationship and I try to guide them whenever they ask for advice. Although Rita's famous we do normal stuff together, like we used to. We still sleep in the same bed; I give her massages and do her hair.

''There are no prima donnas in our family. I tell Rita we are all superstars in our own right. Being in the public eye doesn't mean she's better than anyone else and she knows it; she still has to blitz the kitchen every once in a while. ''

Vera went on to explain that she tries her best to make her daughter understand the ''flash and glamour '' she experiences is not the reality for most people and praised the 'Body on Me' hitmaker for engaging with social issues and attempting to ''support and make a difference''.

She said: ''I try to make Rita understand that the flash and the glamour she experiences is not the real world. She knows what reality is because she can see it through my work.

''She has become more engaged with social problems and I'm really happy about that. I love it when she feels she can support and make a difference.''