Rita Ora was taught Spanish by her taxi driver for her collaboration with Sofia Reyes.

The 28-year-old star has teamed up with the 'R.I.P.' singer for her latest track, and the Mexican hitmaker has revealed how Rita took the unlikely tutor into the studio to help with her pronunciation.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, Sofia said: ''She told me this great story where she was on her way to the studio and didn't know how to pronounce anything in Spanish.

''Her driver was Latin, so she took him to the studio and he was telling her how to pronounce everything. I thought that was the best story ever. It's brilliant.''

Sofia explained that the song - which references the ''bulls**t'' in her life - has inspired by US president Donald Trump.

She added: ''The world is kind of going in a weird place, that's one thing I talk about in 'R.I.P.' There's a point where I mention walls.''

Meanwhile, Rita recently revealed she can't brush her teeth in the morning unless she has music on.

While revealing that she loves to sing in the shower during a Twitter Q&A, the star admitted that she can't get start frothing up the toothpaste on her teeth until she has her favourite songs playing.

Speaking in a Twitter video, she said: ''Do I sing in the shower? usually, I'm like rushing in the shower and I'm like in and out in and out - but I have to put on music in the mornings otherwise I can't really like brush my teeth or anything.

''So yeah I do kind of sing in the shower and sometimes I do without knowing, I think it's healthy I think everyone should sing in the shower.''