Rita Ora tried to prank the judges on 'The Voice Germany' by taking part in the blind auditions - but the joke was on her when the judges failed to recognise her.

The 26-year-old pop star made a surprise appearance on the TV show as an ''aspiring musician from London'' but after performing her latest single 'Your Song' when the coaches turned their chairs they had no idea who she was.

All five judges - Samu Haber, Yvonne Catterfeld, Michi Beck, Smudo and Mark Forster - pressed their buttons to turn around to see the acclaimed international hitmaker, but just thought she was an ambitious and unsigned young musician.

After finishing her song, Rita said: ''I am a 26-year-old aspiring musician from London. I can't tell you I am so nervous it's not even funny.''

Still in the dark about who she is, one of the judges said her ''rendition'' sounded ''almost like the original''.

Rita - who was a coach on 'The Voice UK' back in 2015 - revealed who she was after being asked her name by one of the judges.

She said: ''OK, my name is Rita Ora.''

Even when revealing her true identity, the judges seemed to still be unsure of who was standing on the stage in front of them believing she was ''just kidding''.

Finally putting them out of their misery, Rita said she wasn't an impersonator but in fact the real 'R.I.P' hitmaker.

Although performing her own song, one of the judges revealed - after finding out the truth - that she could have won a ''third-place lookalike'' and a ''second place soundalike'' contest.