Rita Ora's latest single was inspired by the Spice Girls.

The 27-year-old star has teamed up with Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX for 'Girls' - in which she sings about kissing ''girls, girls, girls'' - and Rita has revealed the track is the result of her love for collaboration.

She shared: ''Growing up, I was a huge Spice Girls fan. I just loved it when I saw people coming together and doing something that is extra powerful together, rather than separately.''

The British beauty revealed she relished working with the three other women, saying they all brought something unique to the single.

Speaking to Billboard, Rita explained: ''I think they all represent such different things, which is why I think this collaboration is so fun and unique from all the others.

''I think that Cardi, obviously, we love and we know very well. She's a very outspoken, incredible personality. She has a lot to say and has really changed her life around in the space of a year. For me, that's always so inspiring ... I grew to really love her and respect her grind.''

Rita and Charli, 25, previously worked together on the single 'Doing It', while Rita also enjoyed the experience of collaborating with Bebe.

She said: ''Charli I've known for so long, and I've always loved her individuality and how quirky she always was. She never really changed for anybody, and I really love that about her.

''Bebe, we became really close because we're [both Albanian] and were just really proud to finally do something together. I know it'll make our country proud.''