Rita Ora is obsessed with ancient English history.

The 22-year-old singer looks to the past, in particularly the 16th Century Tudor period and the Victorian era from 1837 to 1901, for fashion inspiration and she is generally curious about what has come before her.

Rita insists she is much less impressed by the trends adopted by modern stars and tends to ignore celebrity fashion.

She revealed: ''I understand fashion as a therapy. I prefer to pay more attention to fashion history and its evolution than celebrities. I am attracted to Tudor and Victorian eras ... I enjoy learning.''

One celebrity Rita does respect though is Beyonce.

The 'Shine Ya Light' hitmaker first met the R&B superstar shortly after she signed for Beyonce's husband Jay Z's Roc Nation record label in 2009.

Beyonce made a lasting impression on Rita, who has been a fan of her music for years.

In an interview with Spanish magazine S Moda, Rita said: ''I met Beyonce after signing with Roc Nation and she impressed me more than her husband. I admire her. I used to study all her dance steps and try to copy her in everything. I've been a singer since I was 14. I was singing at bars when I left college. Roc Nation heard about me and they sent me an email to fly to New York. When I arrived in New York, they offered me chance to record an album.''