Rita Ora is looking to buy a home in New York City.

The 26-year-old star is currently preparing for the release of her long-awaited second studio album, but she is also exploring the possibility of buying a home in America, where she spends an increasing amount of her time.

A source close to Rita told The Sun newspaper: ''She is in America a lot and now feels like the right time to buy in the Big Apple.''

Rita was actually born in the Kosovan city of Pristina, but her family relocated to London, England, in 1991, and that's where she was raised.

As well as finishing her album and looking to move to New York, Rita recently revealed she has been secretly writing a script for a film.

The 'RIP' hitmaker - who portrays Mia Grey in the 'Fifty Shades' franchise - has been working on a movie project in her spare time, and dreams of not only writing and producing a tale for the big screen, but also writing and recording the soundtrack.

She previously said: ''I'd love to do a film. I've been writing one like secretly.

''It's really early, early days obviously so my dream is to one day co-produce, co-write, do the soundtrack and just do something behind the scenes.''

Rita's grandfather, Besim Sahatciu, was a screenwriter and director of theatre, film and TV and, before his death in 2005, his granddaughter says he wanted her to work in the movie industry.

Rita shared: ''My grandfather was so awesome. He used to make factual movies and I remember because when he passed away he was like 'All I ever wanted you to do was do movies'.

''And now I'm doing them, it's so cute. So I know he's watching.''