Rita Ora's live show is inspired by Beyonce.

The 'Let You Love Me' hitmaker admitted she is a perfectionist, and she wants preparation for her upcoming tour dates to hit the standards reached by the 'Crazy In Love' singer in the Netflix documentary 'Homecoming', which looked at the build-up to her Coachella festival performances last summer.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, she said: ''I put so much pressure on myself. The statistics are great but I want my performances to be up to par with the music that I have been putting out.

''I will always find something to fix, even if everyone else is saying, 'This is done'. It depends on how much time you want to put into your show.

''The Beyonce Netflix show is the real deal. It reveals what it takes to put a show together. When I watched that, I completely got it.''

Meanwhile, 28-year-old singer Rita - who has also explored opportunities in acting, fashion and modelling - insisted she is still a ''musician'', but explained she wants her career to be ''sustainable''.

She added: ''In the time I've been in the business, about ten years now, I've seen plenty of people come and go. For me, the most important thing is making this sustainable.

''I do love music, don't get me wrong. I'm a musician and it's how I got into this whole game. But I've always looked at myself as a businesswoman as well as an entertainer.''

Rita also opened up on social media, and admitted it has had a big impact on the industry over the last seven years.

She said: ''It's so in your face now, everyone is so, I won't say they're spoilt, but they've already seen a lot. The expectations are way higher.''