Rita Ora has multiple uses for her cosmetic products.

The 27-year-old singer has revealed she doubles up her mascara and lipstick, as she will not only use the eye make-up item on her lashes but also on her eyebrows to fill them in, and she will use the rouge product for blusher.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to Us Weekly, the 'Body On Me' hitmaker said: ''Sometimes I use their mascara for my eyebrows, to fill my eyebrows in -- a brown mascara. And I use some of the lip for my cheeks, for sure.''

However, the former 'The X Factor' judge - who critiqued the talent show in 2015 - has revealed her ''two go tos'' are dry shampoo and a hat, which she relies on when she is travelling.

She explained: ''I love hats. I do a lot of travelling, so sometimes I just pop a hat on. Dry shampoo, I live for. Those are my two go tos.''

But when Rita is not covering her blonde locks with a hat in the winter months, she will opt for her favourite hair style, which is a ''really nice'' and ''slicked back ponytail'' because she thinks the look goes with ''everything''.

She explained: ''For me, it's just a really nice ponytail -- a slicked back ponytail. It really goes with everything, for me.''

Meanwhile, Rita didn't know exhaustion was ''a real thing'' until she was admitted to hospital and placed on an IV drip in 2016.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I didn't know you could be that exhausted until it happens to you, but it's a real thing.

''I was genuinely that exhausted that I ended up in a hospital bed.

''I was just like, 'OK, I think I need to chill'.''