Rita Ora had a ''meltdown'' last year.

The 'Your Song' hitmaker has admitted the last 12 months - which saw her settle a legal battle with Jay Z's record label Roc Nation - were ''s**t'' for her but she is feeling much more positive now.

She said: ''My meltdown was when I was 25. My 25 was s**t. My 26 is OK.''

Last year, Rita parted ways with Roc Nation and whilst it ''felt like the worst thing'' at the time, she insists it was the ''best thing that ever happened'' to her as it allowed her to go through a ''musical detox'' and gave her a ''fresh start''.

She added: ''The best thing that ever happened to me, like going through a musical detox. It felt like the worst thing. But it was the only decision I could make. My appreciation and respect for them hasn't changed at all.

''Me; [I changed]. I wanted a change of spirit, I wanted a fresh start. They did [understand]. And that's why it was an easy separation. It could have been bad, but it was very respectful. It was one of the easiest separations ever. It didn't go to court. I can't go into crazy political details obviously, for reasons. But it was easy. Amazing.''

And despite her tough year, Rita loves her job and has a ''passion'' for her music.

She explained to The Guardian newspaper: ''You know how people do jobs? People, everyday people, do jobs from nine to five that I don't think they wished for when they were kids. I love everything I've done as a woman and as a businesswoman, but my whole life and passion and fulfilment in my heart has always been about my music.''