Rita Ora goes topless when she gets tattooed.

The 'How We Do' singer likes to strip off when she gets inked by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang at his New York studio - where she recently had a dove etched on the nape of her neck - and her flirtatious antics have led to the pair striking up a firm friendship.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''Rita Ora just can't keep her shirt on around me. I must just have that effect on her. She's always pretty topless around me. She has wardrobe malfunctions the whole time.

''I'm in love with her, she is so awesome. She is just a really great spirit with a fantastic smile and so much fun. It's rare to meet somebody you click with so quickly, but with Rita I did.

''I tattooed her and taught her to tattoo, so she did me back, then we went out for dinner. Now we text all the time. I'm really proud to be her friend.''

Rita advised her ''wifey'' Cara Delevingne to book a session with Bang Bang leading to her getting a lion inked on her index finger, and the tattooist says it was another of his A-list clients, Rihanna, who came with her and sat in the next room drinking champagne while the model squealed in pain.

He explained: ''Cara was really excited to have her first tattoo ... After a while she got queasy, nauseous, so we gave her soda.

''Ri's not even paying attention because she's got so many tattoos she's like: 'You'll be all right.' Ri's a professional.''

It seems Bang Bang has got Cara as hooked on body art as her pals as she has since she turned up at 2am begging for her initials to be etched on to her hand - and is already planning a third design.

He added: ''She came to my shop at 2am and we did her initials, CJD, on the side of her hand. This time she said: 'Is this weird, I like this feeling? I'm hooked!'

''She wants 'Made In England' done under her foot next and I've told her it's going to be super painful. I'll numb her foot.''