Rita Ora finds it ''difficult to date''.

The 28-year-old singer has been romantically linked to the likes of Andrew Garfield, Calvin Harris, Rob Kardashian, and Andrew Wyatt in the past, but she's now said relationships aren't her ''main priority'', because she finds it tricky to find the time to date.

She said: ''I've found it's too difficult to date someone. But if it's too difficult, that really confirms it's just not the right time. I get linked with every man I'm seen out with. But to be really honest with you, right now a relationship isn't my main priority.''

But the 'Let You Love Me' hitmaker doesn't want to wait too much longer before she goes on the hunt for Mr. Right, because she wants a ''massive family'' in the future.

She added: ''But I don't want to leave it too late either, because I do want to have a massive family in the future.''

Rita has been the subject of romance rumours with One Direction star Liam Payne - who has two-year-old son Bear with his ex-girlfriend Cheryl Tweedy - but insists the pair are just ''close friends''.

She said: ''I know people have said there's something with Liam Payne - and he's one of the best people I've ever met - but we've become such close friends. It's unusual to see a guy and a girl as close friends and it's unusual for two famous people to have a connection and not have to hook up.''

When the time does come for the 'Girls' singer to find a partner, she likely won't find one on a night out, as despite earning a reputation as a party girl, she says she's now cut down the party lifestyle.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, she said: ''I used to be out every night and I loved it. But it is finally catching up with me and I'm having to slow down. Now a hangover lasts a couple of days. It's too much on top of all the travelling. I was in Cannes and it really, really hit me. It's time to wind down.

''But I'm glad I look like I'm always out enjoying myself, I'm not embarrassed to say I love being a pop star. There are so many pop stars out there who hate being a pop star.''