Rita Ora paid a visit to a detox camp last week.

The 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker stayed at the Viva Mayr clinic in Austria, which costs around £1,500-a-night, to work on her summer body by undertaking a series of gruelling, but healthy, activities.

While at the facility, Rita was encouraged to chew each mouthful of food - which consisted of healthy and organic snacks washed down with magnesium powder mixed in warm water - between 30 and 40 times before swallowing it.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''It's the most opulent weight-loss and detox clinic in the world, and pretty hardcore.

''Rita wants to get in perfect shape for the summer and her forthcoming promo appearances. This was a last-ditch, and extreme, measure. Following a detailed examination and fitness test, she was given a rigid diet-and-exercise regime, with a few deep-tissue massages thrown in for good measure.

''The food is mainly boiled potatoes and broths, and guests are taught to savour their food by chewing it a minimum of 30 times per mouthful.''

The 22-year-old singer hopes the tough regime will help keep her in shape from now on and stick to the strict diet.

The source added: ''The progamme set for Rita was designed to be a blueprint for the rest of her life, helping her keep on the straight and narrow.''

Viva Mayr is described as ''sophisticated medical diagnostic clinic housed in a modern, five-star hotel'', which has previously been visited by stars such as Liz Hurley.

While its location is idyllic, near the border of Italy and Slovenia and overlooking Lake Wörth, Rita wasn't impressed with being cut-off from the rest of civilisation during her stay.

In a caption accompanying a photo of the scenery posted on her Instagram last Friday (19.04.13), she wrote: ''I know I shouldn't be instagraming I'm ment to be on a detox but ... I'm in the middle of no where!... (sic)''