Rita Ora can't brush her teeth in the morning unless she has music on.

While revealing that she loves to sing in the shower during a Twitter Q&A, the 28-year-old singer admitted her bizarre brushing routine admitting that she can't get start frothing up the toothpaste on her teeth until she has her favourite songs playing.

Speaking in a Twitter video, she said: ''Do I sing in the shower? usually, I'm like rushing in the shower and I'm like in and out in and out - but I have to put on music in the mornings otherwise I can't really like brush my teeth or anything. So yeah I do kind of sing in the shower and sometimes I do without knowing, I think it's healthy I think everyone should sing in the shower.''

The 'Let Me Love You' hitmaker fielded a host of questions from her fans about her life and career on the social media platform.

Rita joined the cast of 'Detective Pikachu' in February last year and went on to explain that it was a ''dream come true'' to be involved in the film about the popular Pokemon character.

She said: ''I filmed 'Detective Pikachu' it was so amazing to film we shot in London. I loved Pokemon since I was a kid so it was like a dream come true for me.''

The 'Girls' singer added that although her part in the flick - which stars Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith - was a ''little unexpected'' it was the ''best experience'' and urged her fans to go watch the movie which will be released on May 10, 2019.

She said: ''And I know that it was a little unexpected for my fans and followers to be like, 'Oh my god Rita Ora's a [Pokemon fan].' But yes it was the best experience ever go check out the movie it's so fun and funny.''