Rita Ora has reportedly lost ''hundreds of thousands'' due to a fraudulent accountant.

One of the 26-year-old singer's companys is reported to have lost the huge amount after it was taken by the man who ''lived like a Saudi prince'', The Sun reports.

Rita's lawyer Graham Shear said: ''Rita Ora has multiple business interests globally. One of the companies in which she has an interest is a potential victim of fraud along with several other companies and individuals.

''The potential loss suffered by all the victims collectively is thought to be significant but only a proportion of that total figure will apply to the entity in which Ms Ora is one of several shareholders.

''Any loss suffered by the Company in which Ms Ora has an interest will be recoverable from insurance policies which protect against this sort of professional misappropriation, fraud and other claims.''

Last year Rita was the victim of a night-time burglary at her six-bedroom semi-detached London home.

A source close to Rita said: ''She is very shaken and has upped her personal protection and security at her homes.

''Of course she's scared about her safety and the safety of her family.

''Thankfully, Rita wasn't home at the time, but a family member was sleeping upstairs so it could have been so much worse if they had been disturbed.

''They called the police who arrived after 5am after they found out that cash, jewels and electrical goods had been stolen.

''The police have told Rita she needs to look seriously into the possibility that this was an inside job and could be connected to a number of burglaries in the area, including the one at Simon Cowell's house.''