Rita Ora is always ''elegant but urban''.

The 'R.I.P' singer marries an inner city look - including items such as trainers, baseball caps and beanie hats - with upscale glamour, and always chooses comfortable footwear when she's singing live.

Speaking at London Fashion Week, her stylist Jordan Denzel told Popdash.com: ''Rita's different. She loves her sneakers. She would rather perform in sneakers than wear heels. She loves her dresses and glasses. Her look is really unique.

''She's very elegant, but still keeps it urban. She doesn't want to take that away because she is from the root of London, there are different genres all in her style.''

Jordan added the 21-year-old singer takes most of her inspiration from the decades she grew up in, and particularly No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani.

He added: ''She's really into her whole late 90s look and the early 00s. One of her biggest style inspirations is Gwen Stefani, as you guys probably know. She loves her whole blonde look and red lipstick.''

Rita has previously been vocal about how much Gwen has influenced he, saying: ''I love Gwen Stefani. She's so cool and her style is amazing. I love her a lot, and I'll wear the comparison high on my shoulder. I like anyone who can be confident with themselves. Also Rihanna's hot, so to be compared to her is a compliment.''