Oscar winner Rita Moreno has painful memories of working with Love Me Tender and The Proud Ones director Robert D. Webb at the start of her career, revealing he insisted the actress play dead while jellyfish were stinging her.

The West Side Story star played a "native girl" called Ula opposite Anthony Quinn in 1955's Seven Cities of Gold and she admits the experience made her realise Latino women were not respected on movie sets at that time.

She explains, "I was supposed to be dead on the seashore and this was in Mexico, and there were a lot of little tiny... stinger jellyfish... and the director said, 'Dammit, keep still. You're supposed to be dead!' I said, 'But I'm getting bitten by jellyfish'. He says, 'God dammit, you do as I say, idiot!'

"It took me years to figure out why he was so angry - he saw me as Ula. He didn't see Rita Moreno playing this young, innocent, ignorant native girl; he saw this young immigrant... It's almost pornographic the way they saw young women of colour and Hispanic women. It was a horrible time in my life."