Hollywood veteran Rita Moreno has thrown her weight behind Mexican actress Adriana Barraza's Oscars bid, insisting a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her fellow Latina would be huge.

Moreno, who won the award for West Side Story in 1962, is a big fan of Barraza's performance as housekeeper Silvana in Cake and she's championing her for a nomination.

She says, "There's one female performance that I can tell you right now I'm voting for, and that is a featured actress, not a leading lady - and it's Adrianna Barraza, the lady in Cake. She plays the housekeeper with Jennifer Aniston.

"She was just fabulous... Adrianna Barraza, for me, stole it (the film) and the thought that perhaps a Hispanic actress might even get nominated for Best Actress in a Featured Role thrills the living heck out of me."