MEN IN BLACK star Rip Torn's recent drink driving controversy has saved the veteran actor's career - he's getting more offers than ever.

The 73-year-old actor was found not guilty of drink driving in New York last week (ends29OCT04), but a much-publicised videotape police made public in a bid to show how drunk he was has boosted his acting career.

Torn explains, "I've gotten so many offers as a result of that screened thing. I'm getting all these bad guy parts. Everything is coming up roses."

In the video, Torn seemed to stagger and slur his words, threatening, "You guys are all going to jail. You're all f**king out of line," at police.

But the actor has always maintained he wasn't drunk, just very angry.

He adds, "My eyes were alive, they moved around. My speech was articulate, my reasoning, though repetitive and grating, made sense."

02/11/2004 21:12