Former BEATLE Ringo Starr has further angered his fans by abandoning the regular video updates on his website - following his controversial decision not to sign any more autographs.
The drummer sparked outrage amongst his supporters last year (08) when he posted a video on the site asking them to stop sending requests for signatures.
Starr later backed down, insisting he was only addressing opportunists attempting to sell signed items on the internet.
The musician now faces a further backlash from his fans after abandoning his video blogs altogether. The updates, which were once regularly posted on his official website, have stopped since the controversial autograph comments, which were subsequently removed from the site.
A source tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "Ringo used to enjoy telling his fans about his plans, but he was pretty shocked by the hostility he faced over the autograph thing. As a result he's reluctant to appear on the web again. Ringo used to use his website to promote his career but the autograph remarks totally backfired."