Ringo Starr lashed out a fan who accosted him after the World Music Awards - launching into a foul-mouthed tirade, according to reports.
The former Beatle was leaving the ceremony in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Sunday night (09Nov08) after picking up the Diamond Award on behalf of the group, when a fan grabbed him for a hug.
Starr reportedly told the woman to, '"F**k off!"
A bystander tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "A middle-aged woman ran over and threw her arms around him, almost knocking him over.
"Ringo was a bit shocked, he just wanted to get away. After he shouted at her she looked absolutely stunned, but he just walked away."
And Starr was left so annoyed he confronted a camera crew who were trailing him for a chat.
The witness claims the musician shouted: "Get away from me. I'm not doing that now. I'm not doing interviews."
It isn't the first time Starr has upset his fans - last month (Oct08) he told supporters he would refuse to sign any future autograph requests. He later backtracked on the statement due to the furore from his loyal followers.