Ex-BEATLE Ringo Starr has hit out at former bandmate Sir Paul McCartney for not asking him to play the drums at London's historic Live 8 concert last weekend (02JUL05).

McCartney opened the star-studded gig in Hyde Park with SGT PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND alongside U2, and closed it with classic Beatles tracks GET BACK, DRIVE MY CAR, Helter Skelter, THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD and HEY JUDE.

Starr is furious he was not asked to play the drums on the songs, as he and McCartney are the only surviving Beatles.

Starr fumes, "I was never asked to do it, he didn't ask me. It's too late now - it's disappointing.

"But I would have only done it if I'd been able to wear my Sgt Pepper suit."

Starr and McCartney have not performed together since a tribute to late band member George Harrison in 2002.

10/07/2005 09:16