Veteran rocker Ringo Starr has been tipped to finally be honoured in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next year (08), according to industry insiders. The former Beatles drummer is the only member of the Fab Four not to be inducted into the prestigious Hall Of Fame, with the late George Harrison the last to receive the honour in 2004 - three years after his death in 2001. But experts believe Starr, 67, is likely to be included in the New York ceremony in 2008, after enjoying a string of solo hits such as Photograph, You're Sixteen and No No Song in the 1970s. A source says, "Ringo's work as a solo artist has never been taken as seriously as the other ex-Beatles but he's actually enjoyed a lot of success in his own right, particularly in America. It's hard to imagine, but there was even a point in the Seventies when his recordings were briefly outselling those of John (Lennon), George and Paul (MCCartney). "Having your own place in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is generally considered to be one of the biggest honours a musician can have. Ringo is now among the favourites to be inducted next year."