Ringo Starr has handed out his autograph to one lucky fan - just three months after vowing he would never give away his signature again.
The former Beatle declared his plans to throw away requests for his signature in a video message on his website last year (08), because he didn't have time to deal with the piles of letters he receives.
Since introducing the ban, Starr has also apparently stopped posting on the website.
But now the drummer has come out of his internet retirement, announcing that a fan known only as Ricardo has won a competition to receive the rocker's autograph on a drum head.
And he is in a better mood after ringing in the New Year, writing: "I don't feel blue any more. It's 2009 and I feel fine."
He adds: "Couldn't get any better, could it? Peace and love to Ricardo, hope you have a great life. Peace and love everybody."