Beatles legend Ringo Starr is so wracked with stage fright he regularly vomits before performing.
The drummer, who has been in the spotlight for 50 years, gets so nervous before stepping out on stage he becomes nauseous, admitting he often wants to crawl back into bed instead of performing for fans.
He tells Billboard, "I have actually puked before I went on as all my nerves come to the fore.
"It is part of what I am and it happens before every show. There have been times that I just wanted to go back to bed as I just get so nervous.
"Every night I just hope that tonight is the night when I am going to feel like Frank Sinatra. I hope, 'You are just going to stroll on', but I haven't made it yet - I always run.
"That's why I always run on to it. I would love to coolly stroll on stage but I cannot."