Ringo Starr is releasing never-before-seen photos of The Beatles in a new e-book.

The iconic band's former drummer has compiled some of his favourite snapshots of the Fab Four as part of a new book, 'Photographs', to be published on June 12 in association with the upcoming Grammy Museum exhibit in Los Angeles, 'Ringo: Peace & Love'.

The book will regroup 100 select black-and-white and colour photos of Ringo, Sir Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon in their heyday. Key moments include the Liverpudlian legends' first US tour, their trip to India to meet the Maharishi and their last times together as a band.

The rare pictures from Ringo's personal archive will be accompanied by original text, video and audio in the book, available via Apple's iBookstore.

The musician told People magazine he discovered the pictures ''in boxes we brought home after my mother died. We thought, 'I wonder what she's got!' ''

Some of the best photos from the book are also going to go on display at the exhibition.

The publisher said images ''portray four lads from Liverpool, trying to live normal lives amidst the frenzy that surrounded them''.

A limited-edition hardback copy signed by the drummer will be available next December.