Ringo Starr reads spiritual books to get himself ''through the day''.

The 77-year-old former Beatles member has revealed the secrets to his good health, admitting his vegetarian diet and spiritual routine have been keys to his longevity.

He explained: ''I have a meditation practice. I pray to the god of my understanding, and I read spiritual books - day-at-a-time books, things like that that help you get through the day.''

Ringo's new album, 'Give More Love', is released later this month, and the music icon says he's still living his life-long ambition.

And Ringo insisted his passion for making new tracks remains undiminished.

He told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: ''I only ever wanted to play - that was my aim from 13.

''I worked in factories and on the railway, but I played at night and made decisions that got me where I was. I didn't know I was going to get there [into the Beatles]. But I knew I wanted to play. So I got into a Liverpool band, then I got into Rory [Storm & the Hurricanes], then I got into the biggest band in the land.

''I just always wanted to play, and to play with good people. I'm sitting here, at 77, still talking about it. And I'm still playing.''

Ringo has been working with former Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart on his new music.

But he recently revealed that regardless of who he's collaborating with, he always tries to direct the tunes towards a feeling of ''peace and love''.

Reflecting on the collaboration process, Ringo explained: ''What usually happens is - it doesn't matter what people are doing. I direct it to the place I want it to be. Which is usually peace and love.''