Ringo Starr has spent several years going through his old belongings.

The 77-year-old music icon - who is best known as the drummer for the Beatles - has revealed that he and his wife of 37 years, Barbara Bach, are still in the process of archiving his possessions and it's even helped him to record his new album, 'Give More Love'.

Ringo explained: ''We've taken a lot of things out of storage and we're going through it a box at a time, and we found all these reel-to-reel tapes.

''And on a quarter-[track] two-inch tape, we found this version of me singing 'Back Off Boogaloo' and it had a great echo on the [rhythm] guitar. I knew it's me singing, but I couldn't figure out who the hell is playing guitar? And it was me! So that's on this record.''

Ringo also freely admitted some of his recordings have come about by accident, rather than design.

The musician explained he still relishes spending time in the studio because he enjoys the unpredictable process of making new music.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times newspaper, Ringo shared: ''We lifted the voice from the track that George [Harrison] produced, so it combines me then, and me now. I did it straight, not with the marching rhythm. Just a sideline for you: That rhythm pattern [on the original recording], George said 'You should do this.'

''I said, 'I can't do that.' So I just did it with the snare, and it was great. But it was by accident. So that's the magic of being in the studio: You don't know what you're going to get.''

Meanwhile, Ringo previously admitted he is still living his life-long dream as a musician.

He confessed: ''I love joy. I love the light. I'm still doing what was my dream at 13, and that's playing. I think that helps. I promise you this, though - I'm not this happy-go-lucky every day.

''But overall, my general demeanour is peace and love and joy.''