Ringo Starr has ruled out any possibility of a Beatles reunion show with Sir Paul McCartney and George Harrison's son DHANI. The former Fab Four drummer quashed the idea of reforming the legendary band with Harrison's guitarist son filling in for his late father - because performing without the group's original members would be too painful. He says, "There is no chance of seeing us getting back together with any of our children, this is no chance of us getting back together. It's very difficult now because two of us have gone." John Lennon was shot dead in 1980 and George Harrison died of cancer in 2001. But the 67-year-old has not completely ruled out a musical collaboration with MCCartney in the future. He adds, "As players there is no reason why we can't get back together but don't get excited about the summer (when MCCartney is scheduled to play in Liverpool, England) - he is on his own."