Young actor Riley Smith almost missed his big chance to kiss multi-millionaire teen idol Ashley Olsen in their new movie - because he had a cold sore on his lip.

The couple were supposed to kiss in the finale of new film NEW YORK MINUTE, but the last scene had to be re-written when Olsen refused to lock lips with her screen hunk.

Smith says, "When I woke up, I noticed that I had a huge bump right on the edge of my lower lip. I walked on set that morning and didn't mention it to anybody. I was hoping no one would notice.

"We were about to shoot the scene, and Ashley came up to me and she was trying to be real discreet about it. She was like, 'Riley, you have something on your lip. I can't kiss you.' I totally understood.

"We had to rewrite the whole ending. But a few months later, everyone decided that Ashley and I actually should kiss at the end. So I flew back to New York to re-shoot the scene. Luckily, my lip was fine by then."

13/05/2004 13:06