Rihanna has voiced her desire to take on the role of Elvira Hancock, a role originally taken on by Michelle Pfeiffer, in the potential remake of the 1983 gangster classic.
A remake of the Al Pacino starring film, which itself is a remake of a 1932 film of the same name, has been in the pipeline for some time now, with producers at Universal Pictures said to be developing a new take on the film, featuring a Tony Montana-style drug dealer set in the 21st Century. Rihanna, who has stated that the film is one of her favourite, is the first potential actress to come forward and voice their desire to star in the remake. The 'Talk That Talk' singer made her debut into acting earlier this year, in the box office bomb Battleship, a film inspired by the board game of the same name. A source close to the Barbadian singer has told reporters, "Rihanna loves Scarface. Some of her music videos have been based on Michelle's character, Elvira. She knows all the words and even has her walk perfected."
Regardless of Rihanna's intent, there is still speculation as to whether the film will be made at all, with overwhelming public response to the idea being a resounding NO! Still, this has hardly stopped film companies in the past.