Rihanna has been spotted leaving Ashton Kutcher's Los Angeles pad at 4am. The singer, 24, has set tongues wagging after she was spotted driving up to Ashton's place at midnight, before leaving in the early hours of the morning in the black Escalade, reports the UK's Sun newspaper.
The evening had started quietly for the singer, who had dinner with her pal Melissa Forde. She was photographed leaving Giorgio Baldi's restaurant in Santa Monica, California wearing denim hot pants, red polka dot heels and a head scarf. Rumors have been circulating that she is ready to reunite with her abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, though the latest images appear to suggest Rihanna has another high profile star lined up. Of course, Kutcher acrimoniously split from his wife Demi Moore last year after rumors of his alleged infidelity reached boiling point. Since the split, Kutcher has been linked to numerous Hollywood stars including Lea Michele, but an association to Rihanna has previously rarely been mentioned in the press.