Burglars tried to rob Rihanna's home over the weekend.

The would-be thieves' attempt to break into the 'Diamonds' singer's plush Pacific Palisades mansion in California was thwarted by the burglar alarm, which was set off when they threw a chair through a sliding glass door.

The aspiring home invaders cruised up the private road to Rihanna's $12 million property and managed to enter her backyard, but never made it into the house.

According to TMZ, the robbers fled when they noticed the heightened security surrounding the pop star's abode, which even features a sign reading, 'Smile, you're on camera', on her driveway.

Police are still on the lookout for the criminals while the 25-year-old singer continues to perform in Australia as part of her world tour.

This marks the third incident in recent months of attempted break-ins at Rihanna's home. In June, a man was caught by her security team climbing onto her roof, while back in February a wannabe thief accidentally broke into her neighbour's house instead of hers.

Earlier this month, the sexy star experienced another run-in with the law after posting a picture of her with an endangered slow loris while partying in Phuket, Thailand.

Rihanna's Instagram pic of her cuddling the cute creature led local authorities to track down the two owners of the south-east Asian animal - listed as a protected species - and arrest them.