River Island is launching a two-week multi-channel campaign to support Rihanna's upcoming album 'Unapologetic'.

The British high street chain will become one of the first fashion brands to globally stream a live concert from their Facebook page as they provide exclusive access to Rihanna's secret 777 London gig on Monday (19.11.12).

In the lead up to the gig, River Island will also be offering customers the chance to receive an exclusive never released bonus track of her single, 'Diamonds'.

Josie Roscop, River Island Marketing Director said: ''We're thrilled to be collaborating and building our relationship with Rihanna in this way; giving exclusive access and content by bringing fashion and music together in a way we think our customers will love. We are deploying an exciting and innovative cross platform campaign with Roc Nation with multiple touch points for consumers to engage with Rihanna.''

Next year, Rihanna will launch a clothing collection for the brand, entitled Rihanna for River Island.

River Island's live stream of the Rihanna 777 London gig, is showcased live on Facebook.com/riverisland on 19th November from 9pm. For more information on the upcoming Rihanna for River Island collection visit riverisland.com/Rihanna.