'Russian Roulette' singer Rihanna has revealed she used her latest LP 'Rated R' to vent her thoughts and emotions following the breakdown of her relationship with singer Chris Brown.

Rihanna used her new album 'Rated R' to "vent" her emotions.

The 'Russian Roulette' hitmaker used her latest LP as a way of voicing her turbulent thoughts following the breakdown of her relationship to singer Chris Brown, who assaulted her following a pre-Grammy's party in February.

She said: "The feelings that I went through and exactly what was going through my mind and how I felt. I really vented on this album, and as I said before, all of it isn't about that specific relationship or what I went through, 'cause that's not who I am. That's not all of who I am.

"This album is an expression of all those feelings that I went through in the last eight months, just different emotions."

However, the 21-year-old songstress is keen to make clear the album isn't just a compilation of "dark" tracks.

She added to MTV News: "All of it isn't angry, all of it isn't dark and sad, 'cause I didn't go through that the whole time. That was part of it. It was really a roller coaster, and you get that when you're listening to the album."

Rihanna has previously admitted the track 'Cold Case Love' was written just after the attack took place.

She said: "It was one of the first songs I did for the album and it is one of the most emotional."