Rihanna's ''brutally honest'' friends keep her grounded.

The 24-year-old singer - who has recently been romantically linked with actor Ashton Kutcher and her former boyfriend Chris Brown - always turns to her close pals for advice and says they are never afraid to tell her the truth about anything.

Asked how she stays grounded, she said: ''My experiences in life and having a good group of friends. They're brutally honest and I need that.

''I turn to my friends all the time - I trust them so much. I don't care what the media think but I respect their opinions and their advice is never shady.''

Though the 'Battleship' star loves being with her friends, sometimes she needs to take time out to be alone.

She told more! magazine: ''I don't like being lonely, so I like hanging out with my friends. But sometimes you need that time on your own.

''I just had a weekend like that where I didn't see anyone, I didn't even watch TV. I slept for two days! I barely made it into the kitchen.''