Pictures of Rihanna 's birthday Cake have been released today, and it's clear that whoever was behind its unique design either knows the 'S&M' star amazingly well or just fancied playing a rather smutty prank. The UK newspaper the Daily Mirror published pictures of the cake, which depicts someone who we guess is Rihanna (the likeness isn't startling) straddling something rather large and white. The Mirror have had a couple of cracks at guessing what it might be, with two firm thoughts being - and we couldn't do much better ourselves - either a tampon, which would make an already odd spectacle pretty ghastly indeed, or a rolled-up cigarette with tobacco in the middle. Rihanna was allegedly spotted smoking weed last year so there's a firm chance that it could've been that.
There's more to this story than meets the eye though, with RiRi's next single to be released having been announced as being 'Birthday Cake.' She mooted it on Twitter recently, asking her followers "Would yall be mad if Birthday Cake became a single? Now here's the trick question! If I put [a] collaborator on it, who would u wanna see lick the icing off????? Cake" stopping right there lest the innuendo radar went into meltdown.
There's something darker afoot here too, with one of the co-producers of the track telling MTV "The feature on there is gonna shock the world, the visual has to go with it because everybody's going to be like, 'Oh my god!'" We dare not think who that might mean.