Rihanna was given ''so much freedom'' when she created her Fenty Beauty range.

The 29-year-old singer released her own cosmetics range to suit all skin colours last week and the star has revealed when she was designing each product, as well as the packaging to accompany each item, she was given free rein to do as she pleased.

Speaking to Grazia magazine about her latest venture and the creative process, the 'Work' hitmaker said: ''I had so much freedom in creating whatever products I wanted to make, and whatever colours or shades, down to the fonts of the packaging.''

The brunette beauty believes the ''true key'' to a woman's beauty is the skin, which inspired her to make products that would resemble flawless skin, which she has coined as The Fenty Face that includes applying a matte base and a highlighter before blotting the remnants off.

The style icon explained: ''Skin is the true key to a woman's beauty.

''I think if you can make make-up look like skin, that's the best.''

Rihanna has hailed her creations as ''fun'' make-up products that can be used to suit her customer's mood, outfit or occasion.

She said: ''There are so many and they are so fun. Use them as you please depending on your mood, your outfit and where you're going.''

But in true Rihanna style she made sure she didn't follow the trend and added her own unique touch to her line, which saw her introduce ''pinky nude'' coloured blotting sheets to add a touch of sexiness to her collection.

Speaking about the product, the Barbadian-beauty said: ''It's in our Fenty Beauty signature pinky nude colour. I wanted it to be different from regular blotting paper. I wanted it to feel a little bit sexy.''