Rihanna wants to make ''timeless'' music.

The 'Diamonds' hitmaker has revealed she no longer enjoys performing a lot of her hit songs from her successful ten year career as she feels she's outgrown them and now wants to work on new material that she will be able to play for years to come.

She told MTV News: ''I've made a lot of songs that are just really, really big songs that just blow up and I wanted to just kind of get back to, well not that they weren't real music, but I just wanted to focus on things that felt real, things that felt soulful, that felt forever.

''I wanted songs that I can perform in fifteen years. I want an album that I can perform in fifteen years, not any songs that will burn out. I find that when I get on stage now I don't want to perform a lot of my songs because they don't feel like me so I want to make songs that are timeless.''

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris recently confessed that Rihanna thought he was ''strange'' when he joined her as a DJ support act on her 2011 'Loud' tour.

He said previously: ''She thought I was this kind of funny, this strange guy making cool music, or I guess what she thought was cool.''

The 'Blame' hitmaker - who is believed to be working with the 'FourFiveSeconds' singer again on her forthcoming LP - went on to admit it was a dream come true when the 27-year-old star asked him to collaborate with her on a track.

Speaking about how the hit single 'We Found Love' came about, he added: ''I'd never been around someone who was doing those shows so big, such a huge iconic presence. I kept my head down. Then I saw her at the last show and she told me she wanted to do a song like the one I was playing.''