Rihanna has an amazing new keepsake - a book full of heartfelt messages from victims of domestic violence.
Website DoSomething.org invited beaten wives and girlfriends to write to them detailing their harrowing experiences and offering messages of thanks and support to the Umbrella singer, who went public with the details of her February (09) fight with R&B star Chris Brown on a recent U.S. TV news specials.
And the site editors were so shocked and impressed by the amount of people who responded, they created a book featuring all the comments and remarks and sent it to Rihanna, who was deeply touched by the gesture.
She explains, "They put out a message after I did the 20/20 interview to anyone who wanted to write in... They didn't let me know this, but, in two days, 1,500 girls wrote in to let me know how it effected them and it was the most amazing thing.
"They put together this whole book with all these different letters and emails from all these girls all over the world... and a lot of these girls had gone through domestic violence as well... It was heartbreaking to read."