Rihanna is planning to hang out with Lily Allen next time she comes to London.

The 'Diamonds' star promised she would let the 'Hard Out Here' singer know when she is back in the UK, so they can get together.

Detailing a direct message Twitter exchange, Lily explained to BBC Radio 1: ''I said, 'I really like your spread in GQ.' She said, 'Hahahaha, thank you so much, hope you're well, I've got so much love for you.' I said, 'Aw thanks hun, let me know next time you're in London.' She said, 'Absolutely'.''

Lily is also Twitter friends with 'Wrecking Ball' star Miley Cyrus, and has been impressed by her transformation from squeaky-clean Disney child star to twerking, hammer-licking, scantily-clad pop babe.

She added: ''I love Miley. I just think she's great. She's owning it and she's reinvented herself. She's just doing what she wants to do. I didn't care about her before, I care about her now because I feel like she is convinced by what she is doing.''

Lily also told how her husband, Sam Cooper, isn't as excited by her comeback as most, and that he doesn't even watch her shows.

She explained: ''He actually doesn't really like me at all. He's not really au fait with my career, he doesn't follow it. He kind of watches me go on the stage, then he'll go to the pub and then [come back and] watch me come off.''