Rihanna is being asked to tone down her image so she can be made into a cartoon character.

The 'Stay' singer is being sought by DreamWorks Animation studios, who want to make a character out of her, but first they want her to agree to promote a more wholesome lifestyle.

A source says the company's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, wants to ''globalise and sanitise her image for the widest possible audience''.

The source added to RadarOnline.com: ''Jeffrey has been tracking Robyn [Rihanna's birth name] for a couple of years. He is a huge fan and believes the sky's the limit if she can clean up her act to appeal to a wider audience.

''He sees a huge amount of money to be made there and wants to capitalise before somebody else does. He's making pop-friendly movies and wants her to be in them.

''It's time for Rihanna to go from R-rated to PG-rated. This is Jeffrey's firm opinion and he's doing all he can to make it happen.''

The source cited how DreamWorks had managed to take comedian Chris Rock - known for his explicit stand up routines - and put him in front of a family audience as a voice actor in the hugely successful 'Madagascar' franchise.

Rihanna, 25, has courted much controversy in the last five years, with her swearing, drinking and partying, on/off relationship with bad boy Chris Brown, posing for photos with Marijuana joints and numerous raunchy music videos, the most recent of which - for the song 'Pour It Up' - showed her surrounded by strippers and grinding against a chair in a raunchy outfit.