Pop sensation Rihanna has decided to take a vacation and has hired a luxury boat to take her and ex-boyfriend Drake on a 100k cruise around the Mediterranean to try and reignite their relationship , again.
She took to social networking site Twitter to write: 'I gotta yatch [sic] on my mind and my mind on my $$$$$$ yeaaa.... amongst other things'. What other things, you say? Well, the singer hasn't exactly had an easy ride recently what with her beloved grandmother Dolly passing away. According to a source in The Sun, it's inspired her to try again with rapper Drake with whom she split in 2009. "Rihanna is determined to live life to the full following her grandma's death and decided to give it another go with Drake", the source said. "They're meeting up on a plush yacht in Cannes next week and will then spend a week cruising around the Med".
Kicking off the cruise with a visit to the romantic island of Sardinia, Italy, Rihanna has been posting various suggestive Tweets which hints further at the suggestions about Drake including several with lyrics from love songs, namely 'Be Happy' by Mary Mary: "But sometimes I stray away, and I make mistakes but You still Love me! From now and forever, Your [sic] arms is where I wanna be".